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Navigating in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Primary Investigators:
Bobby Bodenheimer
Brief Description of Project:
Augmented and virtual reality can be seen as lying on a continuum in which reality is mediated from one extreme (no mediation, the real world) to full mediation (full virtual reality). This project will explore how both virtual reality and augmented reality can be used to help in navigation. For virtual reality, we are interested in developed customized locomotion interfaces that aid people in exploring large virtual environments. For augmented reality, we are interested in how the technology can provide cues and affordances to help with navigation. We will explore these questions using cutting edge technology such as the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens.

Desired Qualifications:
CS 2201 or 2204 required; 3251 would be best; inquire if you don't have these but have qualifications that may serve.
Nature of Supervision:
This research project will be supervised by the PI much as any undergraduate research project or independent study. In particular, the PI and students will have structured one-to-one meetings every week and additional supervision time as needed. They will also be mentored by senior graduate students within the PI's group, and will participate in weekly group meetings.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Weeks 1-3 will be spent getting oriented and learning to use the virtual reality or augmented reality devices. Weeks 4-7 will be spent developing environments and code that support navigation in either virtual reality or augmented reality. Weeks 8-10 will be spent assessing and refining the developed environments and code.
Number of Open Slots: 3
Contact Information:
Name: Bobby Bodenheimer
Title: Associate Professor
Department: EECS
Campus Address: 368 Jacobs Hall
Mailing Address: Station B, Box #351679 2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37235-1679
United States
Phone: (615) 322-3555