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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering Summer Research

Project Title

Contact Person

Circuit Simulation of Radiation Effects on CMOS designs

Bharat Bhuva

Design of Radiation-Hardened Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF Circuits

Tim Holman

Controlling Groups of Swarm Robots

Taylor Johnson

Auto-Scribing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Autosummarization

Taylor Johnson

Segmentation of Clinically Acquired Medical Images

Bennett Landman

Internship in Software Engineering for Medical Image Analysis

Bennett Landman

Big Data Systems for Medical Imaging

Bennett Landman

Augmented Reality Mirror for Medical Imaging Outreach

Bennett Landman

Nanoscale silicon photonics

Sharon Weiss

Navigating in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Bobby Bodenheimer

Designing Virtual Environments for Children and Adults

Bobby Bodenheimer

Developing Decentralized Applications with Blockchain

Douglas C. Schmidt

Radiation Hardness Assurance for Small Spacecraft

Brian Sierawski

Soft Error Mitigation in Advanced Microelectronic Circuits

Lloyd Massengill

Synthesis and Optically-induced Assembly of Colloidal Nanomaterials

Justus Ndukaife

Smartphone-based optofluidic microscope

Justus Ndukaife

Policy-driven architectures for autonomous systems

Janos Sztipanovits

Deformable graph models for image segmentation

Ipek Oguz

Design and Development of Customized Video Processing Pipeline

Bobby Bodenheimer

Mosaicking retinal images

Ipek Oguz

Medical image synthesis

Ipek Oguz

Tools for Assured Autonomy

Gabor Karsai

AI and Visual Thinking

Maithilee Kunda

Design and evaluation of ultrasound transducer drive circuit

Jason Mitchell

Preliminary design of FPGA serial data translator

Jason Mitchell

Preliminary design of analog front end circuitry and digitizer for ultrasound imaging system

Jason Mitchell

Experience the Digital Thread: A Simulation and Cloud-based Study

Aniruddha Gokhale

Machine Learning for Metamaterial Design

Jason Valentine

Holographic Data Visualization for Environmental Monitoring

Amrutur V Anilkumar

Designing Android/Linux App for Cognitive Assistance Navigation using Sony Eye Glass

Aniruddha Gokhale

Filtergraph: A Web-Based Service for Visualization of Large Datasets

Keivan Stassun

Machine Learning-based Acoustic Gunshot Classification

Akos Ledeczi

DeepForge: A Visual Development Environment for Deep Learning

Akos Ledeczi

Development and Validation of a Mobile, Web-based Coaching Tool to Improve Pre-K Classroom Practices to Enhance Learning

Jules White

Data curation and machine learning for interpretation of computed tomography (CT) images in brain injury

Bennett Landman

Sources of fMRI signal fluctuations

Catie Chang

Optimization of Radiation Therapy Re-Planning with Deep Learning Image Processing

Bennett Landman

CPS Network Simulation with Variable Fidelity

Himanshu Neema

Anomaly Detection and Smart Control of Buildings

Gautam Biswas

Developing an Intelligent Agent-based Environment for Learning Science

Gautam Biswas

Novel On-Chip Measurement of Transient Behaviors

Jeff Kauppila