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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering Summer Research

Project Title

Contact Person

High Performance CPS Co-simulations

Yogesh Barve

Circuit Simulation of Radiation Effects on CMOS designs

Bharat Bhuva

Test Bed for Analyzing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Safety

Gautam Biswas

Developing Pedagogical Agents in Open Ended Learning Environments

Gautam Biswas

Affordance Studies in Virtual Reality

Bobby Bodenheimer

Sources of fMRI signal fluctuations

Catie Chang

Disappearing Links in Social Media

Tyler Derr

StatResp – A toolchain for statistical methods in emergency response management

Abhishek Dubey

Data-driven Analysis of Equity and Fairness in Public Transit

Abhishek Dubey

Design of Radiation-Hardened Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF Circuits

Tim Holman

Neural Network and Machine Learning Verification

Taylor Johnson

Tools for Assured Autonomy

Gabor Karsai

Novel On-Chip Measurement of Transient Behaviors

Jeff Kauppila

AI and Visual Thinking

Maithilee Kunda

Segmentation of Clinically Acquired Medical Images

Bennett Landman

Internship in Software Engineering for Medical Image Analysis

Bennett Landman

Big Data Systems for Medical Imaging

Bennett Landman

Your Phone as a Sensor

Akos Ledeczi

Build Your Own Virtual Robot

Akos Ledeczi

Image processing for naval ultrasonic imaging system

Jack Noble

Medical image analysis

Ipek Oguz

Developing and Assuring Reactive Micro-Services

Douglas Schmidt

Radiation Hardness Assurance for Small Spacecraft

Brian Sierawski

Metamaterial Encoders for Neural Networks

Jason Valentine

Machine Learning for Metamaterial Design

Jason Valentine

Nanoscale silicon photonics

Sharon Weiss

Space Radiation Effects on Computing Platforms

Arthur Witulski