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Novel On-Chip Measurement of Transient Behaviors

Primary Investigators:
Jeff Kauppila
Brief Description of Project:
Propose and design novel on-chip measurement circuitry to measure the transient response of integrated circuit components.  Electronics used in space systems must be robust to work reliably in the harsh natural space environment.  In particular, transient glitches in circuit components can be generated by cosmic rays and ionized particles in space.  Mitigation of these glitches is often a goal during the integrated circuit design, using specialized design techniques, as well as modeling and simulation.  This project will develop on-chip measurement capabilities to capture critical characteristics of the transient glitches for validation of models used in simulation.  The student will be involved in researching current on-chip measurement circuits, proposing new approaches, and utilizing industry standard integrated circuit design tools to implement the proposed design.  There is a potential for fabrication of the proposed design on an integrated circuit, depending on availability and timing.

Desired Qualifications:
EECS students familiar with MOSFET behavior and digital logic.  Analog design familiarity and VLSI design experience preferred.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):

1. Become familiar with radiation effects and current on-chip measurement designs

2. Learn how to utilize the integrated circuit design tools

3. Work with engineers and research faculty to propose and develop novel approaches

4. Implement the proposed design at the schematic level, with simulations, and preliminary layout

5. Document and present the proposed design
Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Jeff Kauppila
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science