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Your Phone as a Sensor

Primary Investigators:
Akos Ledeczi
Brief Description of Project:
NetsBlox ( is an educational block-based programming environment that can be used to teach programming, but also more advanced concepts, such as distributed computing, networking and IoT. We have just extended NetsBlox so that your project running in the browser on your laptop can have access to your phone. It can request sensor data and configure the phone display to show GUI elements such as buttons, labels or check boxes. An intriguing use case is a fitness app that uses the GPS and the accelerometer on the phone to track your running route and your speed and display it on a map. The map is updated live both on the phone and the laptop. This project seeks to develop other innovative use cases of having access to your phone as an IoT device. The goal is to illustrate relevant real world projects to high school students, especially girls and young people from other underrepresented groups, to motivate them to study computer science.

Desired Qualifications:
programming experience
Nature of Supervision:
Work closely with graduate student
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Weeks 1. Learn NetsBlox
Weeks 2-9: Iterative design - prototype - test of various projects
Week 10. Documentation 

Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Akos Ledeczi
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science