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Preliminary design of FPGA serial data translator

Primary Investigators:
Dr, Jason Mitchell/Mr. Don Truex
Brief Description of Project:
The purpose of this project is to develop an ultrasound based vision system for Navy divers performing salvage and or maintenance operations in turbid water conditions.  Initial ultrasound hardware development will facilitate GPU based algorithm development.  This hardware may be further developed and made available as a tool for academic research on other projects.  Ultimate goal will be to repackage and harden the hardware and GPU for use as part of a diver mounted vision system.

Desired Qualifications:
Candidate should have experience developing firmware for field programmable gate arrays (FPGA).  Experience with Nvidia GPU processors and Linux operating system desired.
Nature of Supervision:
Candidate will work with Don Truex, Research Engineer
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
1. Review of present state of the art in FPGA based LVDS serial data to PCIe translation. 
2. Review literature and component manufacturer’s data sheets.
3. Discuss available commercial off the shelf solutions and/or IP based solutions with manufacturer’s application engineers.
4. Identify required FPGA support components (RAM etc) and quantify performance specifications required to meet project goals.
5. Write FPGA firmware and Linux drivers necessary to transfer serial data from ultrasound analog front end to local storage on Linux based system.

Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Dr. Jason Mitchell
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science