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Smartphone-based optofluidic microscope

Primary Investigators:
Justus Ndukaife
Brief Description of Project:
The project involves the fabrication of a smartphone based device for imaging of microscale particles with a smartphone. The aim is to adapt a smartphone as an imaging apparatus, so as to bypass the need for conventional bulky microscopes.

Desired Qualifications:
Basic knowledge of optics and imaging.
Nature of Supervision:
The PI will guide the student on the project and will meet regularly with the student throughout the duration of the project. The student will be exposed to the relevant literature on the subject matter, and the PI will ensure that the student gains an understanding of the relevant literature.

The student will work alongside graduate students to integrate plasmonic chips with the smartphone-based microscope. 

A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Week 1 & 2: Literature review
Week 3: Schematic design and assembly of the required parts
Week 4: Training on 3D printing
Week 5-6: 3D printing of required parts and fixtures to hold the smartphone
Week 6-8: Fabrication of the smartphone-based microscope
Week 8-10: Testing of the device to image microparticles and final report

Number of Open Slots: 2
Contact Information:
Name: Justus Ndukaife
Department: Electrical Engineering