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Neural Network controlled Human Body Thermoregulation

Primary Investigators:
Greg Walker
Brief Description of Project:
The human body maintains homeostasis in varying environmental conditions by shivering, sweating, adjusting metabolic rate, vaso-constriction/dilation, and activating brown adipose tissue.  These processes are vital to maintaining a healthy state and are intimately involved in healing diseased states.  We have modeled the thermal aspects of the human body but the control to mimic what the body does is far too complex to design heuristic rules, particularly for customized medicine applications.  Therefore, we will implement a machine learning approach with data collected from clinical trials to create a working model of thermoregulation in the human body.

Desired Qualifications:
Students should have a passion for computer modeling and have experience coding in python.
Nature of Supervision:
The student will work closely with Prof. Walker and a graduate student.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Week 1-2 Develop data formatting routine
Week 3-4 Develop neural network strategy
Week 5-6 Integrate Neural network with forward model
Week 7-10 Train and verify NN controlled thermoregulation model 

Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Greg Walker
Department: Mechanical Engineering