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General Advice

VU Organizations Providing Service

A student participating in the TransIT program may find support from

  • VUIT: the VU Information Technology support organization
  • ResNet: IT staff charged with supporting data network services in the VU residential halls
  • The Commons: IT staff in the Dean of the Commons Office charged with specific support for data network services in The Commons (for first year students)

Hardware Service/Maintenance

  • The TransIT computers are carried around a lot and are subjected to general wear and tear. In order to meet the goal of having a working computer every day, it is wise to have a service plan that will guarantee rapid repairs if a problem occurs.
  • Accidents happen. A damaged-computer replacement plan may be a good investment.
  • Service plans (both repair and replacement) are usually restricted geographically to the country in which the system and service plan are purchased. It is probably best to have a service plan that will be effective in Nashville, TN, USA since that is where a TransIT computer is expected to be usable in any VUSE class.
  • The battery is not usually covered under the system service plan because it is not expected to last the normal life time of the computer. Recharging technology is not perfect and over time a rechargeable battery simply loses the ability to take and hold a charge. Some vendors will offer a separate service (replacement) plan for the battery alone.

Software Maintenance

  • Install and use anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Keep operating system and application programs up to date with patches on a semi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Make regular backups of all personally created data with a desktop backup drive or optical disks, so that when, inevitably, a computer needs to be reinstalled, no personal work is lost.
  • Keep track of distribution media and license keys for all software installed on a computer (just in case ...).


  • Vanderbilt community members can use the VUprint service to print to a variety of printers across campus for a reasonable per page charge.
    • The EECS Department has printers accessible via VUprint in Featheringill 201 and 203.
    • The BME Department has a printer accessible via VUprint in Stevenson Center 5814.
  • Many students find it more convenient to have a personal printer in their dorm room or suite than to use a VUprint printer in the middle of the night. Printer supplies can be purchased online or at a variety of vendors near campus.
  • The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering has printers accessible in Jacobs/Featheringill 232 and in Olin 133.
  • There are commercial printing operations with very capable printers available for high volume, high quality, or large size printing within easy walking distance of campus.

Other Hardware

  • printer
  • desktop disk
  • USB flash drives
  • backpack or carrying case
  • docking stations
  • external keyboard
  • external video display
  • external mouse
  • desktop computer

Other Software

You may find some of these software packages helpful.


Computer theft occurs. You may want to find some way to add your TransIT computer to your homeowner's policy.