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Welcome to the TransIT Software Service Center. Our goal is to assist you with your software needs to help you have a successful TransIT experience.

For service, please select from the following options.

  • If you are having hardware problems and wish to have your computer serviced locally, one of these organizations may be able to assist you.
    NOTE:  The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering does not officially endorse any of these options.
  • If you are having general problems with your operating system, application software, or access to Vanderbilt online services, please go to Jacobs/Featheringill room 236 for assistance.
  • Follow these instructions to install your primary TransIT software packages.
  • Access Microsoft DreamSpark to install a variety of Microsoft software packages.
  • Visit our Helpful Hints section for answers to the most common problems.
  • Follow our general advice on maintaining your computer.