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Innovations 2013

At ISIS, we work on the science and engineering of software-reliant systems that are all around us—in vehicles, hospitals, design shops, space systems, and factories—to name just a few. There is an enormous variety of software and the same is true for our work. With more than 120 faculty, staff, and students, as well as over 60 active projects, it's hard to report everything we do. Our goal, therefore, is to provide a sampling that showcases the impact we are making as a prominent leader in driving and shaping the enormous effect of and changes in software-reliant systems developed and encountered by humans.  Click here to watch an informational video about our projects.

Explore Our Projects

Complex Systems

Communities to Tackle Grand Challenges

Fractionating Satellites

Software Platforms

Shooter Localization

Machine Learning

Health Care

Reliability of Complex Systems

Smart Phones

Military Vehicle Design

Building Tools that Build Tools

Amphibious Vehicles

STEM Teaching

Integrated Solutions