Rescue Robot one of scores of senior innovations at Design Day

Colin Roper adjusts the six-legged crawling rescue robot he and a team of fellow engineering seniors developed for the Vanderbilt Center for Intelligent Mechatronics as their senior design project.

The team joined hundreds of Vanderbilt engineering seniors soon to graduate, who demonstrated their readiness to tackle real-world engineering problems by showcasing their innovations during the annual School of Engineering “Senior Design Day,” held April 24 in Adams Atrium, Featheringill Hall.

Seniors worked on teams throughout the year on solutions they created for a wide range of challenging engineering problems for industrial, academic and government clients. Some 65 design projects were selected by seniors in biomedical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, engineering management and mechanical engineering. Many of the projects required cross-disciplinary cooperation, incorporating students from different engineering fields.

  • A point-of-care bedside bar code system for hospitals
  • Fluorescent X-rays for non-invasive biopsies
  • Magnetic levitation track
  • Concrete canoe
  • Smart home controller
  • Robotic arm
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle