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Staff Directory

Jean Alley Email615-343-2766
311 Keck FEL Building
Program Coordinator (Biophotonics Ctr), BME
Charity Backs Email615-322-6405
267 Jacobs Hall
Department Coordinator, CEE
Felisha Baquera Email615-343-5529
109 Olin Hall
Assistant to the Chair, ChBE
Michele Bender Email615-875-9938
5332 Stevenson Center
External Relations Coordinator, DEAN
Teresa Benedetti Email615-343-3773
5332 Stevenson Center
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Deans, DEAN
Ben Bennett Email Post Award Grants Manager, BME
Sarena Bonora Email615-343-6328
277 Jacobs Hall
Program Assistant, CEE
Erin Booton Email Laboratory Manager, BME
Becky Borsody Email615-343-5996
1025 16th Avenue South
Administrative Manager, ISDE
Lesa Brown Email615-343-0509
162A Jacobs Hall
Research Engineer, CEE
Tonya Brown Email615-322-6080
275 Jacobs Hall
Grants Manager, CEE
Michelle Bukowski Email
382 Featheringill Hall
Social Media and Program Coordinator, Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering, DEAN
Julie Canada Email615-343-2117
275 Jacobs Hall
Grants Manager, CEE
Robin Carlson Email615-322-0720
5332 Stevenson Center
Assistant to the Dean, DEAN
Tammy Cavarretta Email615-343-8872
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Director of Development, DAR
Brittany Champion Email615-936-3160 Administrative Officer, DEAN
Aaron Cooper Email(615) 875-8601
212 Featheringill Hall
Senior Technical Support Specialist, IT
Pamela Coyle Email615-875-5495
5308 Stevenson Center
Publications Writer, Social Media, Marketing Publications, PUB
Myrtle Daniels Email615-322-2413
101 Olin Hall
Administrative Assistant I, ME
Phil Davis Email615-322-3358
160 Jacobs Hall
Engineer, DEAN
Rossane Delapp Email615-322-3189
162A Jacobs Hall
Senior Research Engineer, CEE
Stanley (Ross) Denham Email Facilities Manager, DEAN
John Dunbar Email615-322-6245
5818 Stevenson Center
Stevenson Center 5 Building Manager, BME
Leah Dundon Email615-428-0643
270 Jacobs Hall
Research Scientist, CEE
Sheena Elam Email615-343-1264
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Associate Director of Development, DAR
Brenda Ellis Email615-343-6314
5307 Stevenson Center
Feature Writer, Internal Communications, News, PUB
Craig Fields Email615-322-6399
Ste 1100, Loews Office Building
Webmaster, PUB
Chrystal Fizer Email(615) 343-3019 Grant Coordinator, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Group, MMS
Maddie French Email615-322-5900
104 Featheringill Hall
Academic Counselor, STSE
Debbie Frizzell Email615-322-4934
1200 Loews Office Building
Administrative Assistant I, DAR
Kevin Galloway Email
Engineering & Science Building, Rm. 366
Director of DIVE (Design as an Immersive Vanderbilt Experience), UNIV
Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, ME
Director of Making, DEAN
Jamie Harris Email615 322-2771
254 Featheringill Hall
Office Assistant IV, EECS
Lana Hefner Email615-343-8061
104 Featheringill Hall
Program Assistant, STSE
Tana Hoffman Email615-322-3479
342 Featheringill Hall
Department Coordinator, GE
Tracey Jackson Email615-343-8049
5339 Stevenson Center
Administrative Manager, DEAN
Julie James Email615-343-6395
287 Jacobs Hall
Assistant Director, CRESP, CEE
Brigitta Jozefowski Email615-343-5990
5305 Stevenson Center
Senior Grants Manager, DEAN
Mary Judd Email615-322-4229
5801 Stevenson Center
Grants Manager, BME
David Koester Email
Research Engineering, LASIR, CEE
Linda Koger Email615-343-7549
254 Featheringill Hall
Assistant to the Chair, EECS
Kristy Kruse Email615-343-7460
1025 16th Avenue South
Grants Manager/Labor Costing Specialist, ISIS
Janell Lees Email615-936-1416
362 Jacobs Hall
Grants Manager, EECS
Nancy Lehenbauer Email615-343-2390
1025 16th Ave. South
Grants Manager, ISDE
Chris Lindsey Email615-875-2995 Graduate Program Coordinator, EECS
Sara Maddox Email615-322-4194
1025 16th Avenue South
Assistant Director, Institute for Software Integrated Systems, ISIS
Paul Marotta Email
291 Jacobs Hall
Research Staff, CEE
DeeLa Mcgill Email615-343-4270
162A Jacobs Hall
Lab Technician, CEE
Adam McKeever-Burgett Email615-343-8061
104-D Featheringill Hall
Director of Academic Services and Data Analytics, STSE
Kyle McMahon Email615-875-6374
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving, DAR
Burgess Mitchell Email615-343-8061
104-B Featheringill Hall
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, STSE
Sarah Nagy Email615-343-9769
103 Olin Hall
Administrative Manager, ME
Maya Nashabi Email615-875-8996
280 Jacobs Hall
Administrative Manager, CEE
Megan Naughton Email(615) 322-8687
212 Featheringill Hall
Manager, End User Services, IT
Collin Nixon Email(615) 343-7014 Senior Media Support Specialist, MEDIA
Peter Nordberg Email615-343-0586
5824-C Stevenson Center
Administrative Officer, BME
Megan Pask Email615-343-3026 Laboratory Manager, BME
Gerilynn Pearce Email615-343-4871
1025 16th Avenue South
Administrative Officer/HCM Specialist, ISIS
Jenni Powell Email615-322-7001
108 Olin Hall
Graduate Program Coordinator, ChBE
Rita Reber Email(615) 343-0130
336-B Olin Hall
Grants Manager, ME
Jodi Rodefeld Email615-343-7567
107 Olin Hall
Grants Manager, ChBE
Devin Rogers Email(615) 343-2392
236 Featheringill Hall
Graduate Program Coordinator, EECS
Teresa Rogers Email615 322-6305
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Associate Dean for Development, DAR
Jennifer Schad Email615-322-4730
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Development Coordinator, DAR
Matty Sevilla Email615-343-4631
5305 Stevenson Center
Financial Unit Analyst, DEAN
Tina Shaw Email615-343-1099
5824B Stevenson Center
Assistant to the Chair, BME
Melissa Sheehy Email615-343-7473 Grants Manager, ISIS
Hector Silva Email615-875-8079
5332 Stevenson Center
Chief Business Officer, DEAN
Sharon Soxayachanh Email615-343-2597 Grants Manager, EECS
Jodi Stout Email615-343-6712
285 Jacobs Hall
CRESP Program Assistant, CEE
Richard Stringer-Hye Email615-343-4395
285 Jacobs Hall
CRESP Research Librarian, CEE
Rich Teising Email615-343-2019
172E Jacobs Hall
Staff Engineer I, CEE
Garrett Thorne Email
Staff Engineer I, LASIR, CEE
Nikki Turner Email615-322-2174
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Associate Director of Major Gifts, DAR
Paul van Wulven Email(615)-343-7979
336B Olin Hall
Grants Manager, ME
Phil VerMeulen Email615-322-2107
212 Featheringill Hall
Lead Technical Support Specialist, IT
Rong (Joanne) Wang Email615-875-8386
5332 Stevenson Center
Director, Professional and Masters Programs, DEAN
Erica Warren Email615-343-3773
5305 Stevenson Center
Financial Unit Analyst, DEAN
Darlene Weaver Email615-322-8637
287 Jacobs Hall
Program Assistant, CEE
Ellie Weiss-Rosenbloom Email615-343-1148
610-C Olin Hall
Program Coordinator, ME
Jackie White Email615-343-6606
267B Jacobs Hall
Graduate Program Coordinator, CEE
Carol Wiley Email615-343-3585
208 Olin Hall
Senior Grants Manager, ChBE
Alison Williams Email615-875-9068
5305 Stevenson Center
Assistant Director, DEAN
Shelly Wolf Email615-343-6308 Administrative Assistant, ISIS
Katarzyna Zienkiewicz Email615-343-4977
209 Olin Hall
Laboratory Manager, ChBE