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Staff Directory

Jean Alley Email615-343-2766
311 FEL
Program Coordinator (Biophotonics Ctr), BME
Charity Backs Email615-322-6405
267 Jacobs Hall
Administrative Assistant, CEE
Communications & Events Coordinator, CEE
Felisha Baquera Email615-343-5529
107 Olin Hall
Coordinator of Grants and Contracts, ChBE
David Bass Email615-322-4934
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations, DAR
Brandon Begarly Email615-343-3585
107 Olin Hall
Grants Manager, ChBE
Michele Bender Email615-875-9938
253 Featheringill Hall
Graduate Student Coordinator, EECS
Dalesha Blackwell Email615-875-5851
162A Jacobs Hall
Lab Safety Officer, CEE
Lisa Bliss Email908-391-0172
267 Jacobs Hall
Assistant Director (CRESP), CEE
Raymond Bond Email
615-875-4206 Staff Engineer II, LASIR, CEE
Becky Borsody Email615-343-5996
1025 16th Avenue South
Administrative Manager, ISDE
Chris Bransford Email(615) 875-9324
212 Featheringill Hall
Manager, End User Services, IT
Tonya Brown Email615-322-6080
280 JH
Grants Manager, CEE
Julie Canada Email615 322-8129
1102 17th Ave South, Suite 200
Budget/Accounting Analyst, MuMS Research Group, ChBE
Robin Carlson Email615-322-0720
5332 Stevenson Center
Assistant to the Dean, DEAN
Drew Casey Email615-322-3697
214 Jacobs Hall
Media Services Specialist, MEDIA
Michele Cedzich Email
104 Featheringill Hall
Graduate Recruiting Coordinator, VUENG
Brittany Champion Email615-322-3479
342 Featheringill Hall
Department Coordinator, GE
Anthony Coon Email615-322-7288
212 Featheringill Hall
Senior Technical Support Specialist, IT
Pamela Coyle Email615-875-5495
5308 Stevenson Center
Publications Writer, Social Media, Marketing Publications, PUB
Myrtle Daniels Email615-322-2413
101 Olin Hall
Administrative Assistant I, ME
Phil Davis Email615-322-3358
160 Jacobs Hall
Engineer, DEAN
Rossane DeLapp Email615-322-3189
162A Jacobs Hall
Research Engineer, CEE
Kurt Demary Email615-322-0414
607-A Olin Hall
Facilities Manager, ME
Mary Dey Email410-571-0782
34 Defense Street, Suite 301, Annapolis, MD
Program Coordinator (ISIS), ISIS
John Dunbar Email615-322-6245
5818 Stevenson Center
Stevenson Center 5 Building Manager, BME
Brenda Ellis Email615-343-6314
5307 Stevenson Center
Feature Writer, Internal Communications, News, PUB
Craig Fields Email615-322-6399
Loews Vanderbilt, 2100 West End Ave. Suite 1100
Webmaster, PUB
Jennifer Frederick Email615-343-2390
1025 16th Avenue South
Budget/Accounting Analyst, ISDE
Maddie French Email615-322-5900
104 Featheringill Hall
Academic Counselor, STSE
Debbie Frizzell Email615-322-4934
1200 Loews Office Building
Administrative Assistant I, DAR
Kevin Galloway
Engineering & Science Building, Rm. 366
Director of DIVE (Design as an Immersive Vanderbilt Experience), UNIV
Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, ME
Director of Making, DEAN
Jamie Harris Email615 322-2771
254 Featheringill Hall
Office Assistant IV, EECS
Tana Hoffman Email615-343-7860
5305-B Stevenson Center
Budget/Accounting Analyst, DEAN
Tracey Jackson Email615-343-8049
5339 Stevenson Center
Administrative Manager, DEAN
Julie James Email615-343-6395
5305-A Stevenson Center
Grants Manager, DEAN
Faith Jerde Email615-343-3773
5332 Stevenson Center
Executive Secretary, DEAN
Mary Judd Email615-322-4229
5801 Stevenson Center
Grants Manager, BME
Amanda King Email615-343-2981
5824 Stevenson Center
Graduate Student Coordinator, BME
Frankie King Email410-571-0781
34 Defense Street, Suite 301, Annapolis, MD
Assistant Director (Maryland), ISIS
David Koester Email
267 JH
Research Engineer (LASIR), CEE
Linda Koger Email615-343-7549
254 Featheringill Hall
Assistant to the Chair, EECS
Kristy Kruse Email615-343-7460
1025 16th Avenue South
Financial Analyst, ISIS
Janell Lees Email615-936-1416
362 JH
Grants Manager, EECS
Nancy Lehenbauer Email615-343-2390
1025 16th Ave. South
Grants Manager, ISDE
David Linn Email615-343-6164
236A Featheringill Hall
Senior System Administrator, IT
Whitney Marcum Email615-343-6960
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Development Coordinator, DAR
Denise Martin Email615-343-6328
277 JH
Administrative Assistant (VECTOR), CEE
DeeLa Mcgill Email615 343-4270
162A Jacobs Hall
Lab Technician, CEE
Adam McKeever-Burgett Email615-343-8061
104-D Featheringill Hall
Associate Director and Academic Counselor, STSE
Susan McMahon Email615-322-4194
1025 16th Avenue South
Assistant Director (ISIS), ISIS
Jean Miller Email615-322-2443
101 Olin Hall
Assistant to the Chair, ME
Burgess Mitchell Email615-343-8061
104-B Featheringill Hall
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, STSE
Karen Page Email615-343-2373
269 Jacobs Hall
Assistant to the Chair, CEE
Megan Pask Email615-343-3026 Laboratory Manager, BME
Angie Pernell Email615-322-7001
108 Olin Hall
Program Coordinator, ChBE
Andy Richter Email615-343-4518
236B Featheringill Hall
Senior System Administrator, IT
Teresa Rogers Email615 322-6305
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Senior Director of Major Gifts, DAR
Justin Rourk Email615-343-5890
Ste. 1200, Loews Office Building
Associate Director of Leadership and Annual Giving, DAR
Christopher Rowe Email615-322-3479
342 Featheringill Hall
Professor of the Practice of Engineering Management, GE
Director, Division of General Engineering, GE
Engineering Communications Director, PUB
Lewis Saettel Email
245 Featheringill Hall
Featheringill Hall Building Manager, DEAN
Tina Shaw Email615-343-1099
5824B Stevenson Center
Assistant to the Chair, BME
Melissa Sheehy Email615-875-2716 Grants Manager, ISIS
Sharon Soxayachanh Email615-343-2597 Grants Manager, EECS
Rich Teising Email615-343-2019
172E Jacobs Hall
Staff Engineer I, CEE
Garrett Thorne Email
267 JH
Staff Engineer I, LASIR, CEE
Renee Tomlin Email615-343-6321
101 Olin Hall
Program Assistant, ME
Paul van Wulven Email(615)-343-7979
336B Olin Hall
Grants Manager, ME
Phil VerMeulen Email615-322-2107
212 Featheringill Hall
System Administrator, IT
Rong (Joanne) Wang Email615-875-8386
5332 Stevenson Center
Program Coordinator (Dean's Office), DEAN
Darlene Weaver Email615-322-8637
287 JH
Admin Asst to David Kosson, CEE
Jessica Weaver Email615-343-4791
336-B OH
Grants Manager, ME
Emily Wehby Email615-343-7850 Program Coordinator, ISIS
Ellie Weiss-Rosenbloom Email615-343-1148
610-C Olin Hall
Program Coordinator, ME
Alison Williams Email615-875-9068
5305 Stevenson Center
Assistant Director, DEAN
Shelly Wolf Email615-343-6308 Administrative Assistant, ISIS
Katarzyna Zienkiewicz Email615-343-4977
209 Olin Hall
Laboratory Manager, ChBE