Person NameEmailLocationPosition Name
Nafizah AbneyEmail615-322-0720, 5332 Stevenson CenterExecutive Assistant
Layla Al-NadiEmail615-322-2771, Featheringill Hall 236Senior Administrative Specialist
Emily ArizagaEmail615-343-8061, Featheringill Hall 104Academic & Educational Support Program Coordinator
Charity BacksEmail615-322-6405, 267 Jacobs HallSenior Administrative Specialist
Joseph BennettEmail615-343-7048Senior Grants Manager
Shawn BoggsEmailKeck FEL Center, Suite 311Administrative Manager – VBC
Lesa BrownEmail162A Jacobs Hall, 615-343-0509Senior Research Engineer
Michelle BukowskiEmail615-343-5447, 382 Featheringill HallProgram Coordinator - VISE
Gretchen BurnettEmail615-343-4943,17th and Horton Building, Room A4006Senior Administrative Officer - CS
Patricia CalareseEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorSenior Administrative Assistant
Julie CanadaEmail615-343-2117, 280 Jacobs HallSenior Grants Manager
Sara CarrollEmail615-322-5510Senior Administrative Officer - VUSE
Dave CaudelEmail615-322-2828Associate Director - FCAI
Brittany ChampionEmail615-936-3160Senior Administrative Officer - VUSE
Jenni ChandlerEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorGraduate Program Coordinator
Gabrielle ChapmanEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorSr. Program Manager - Mid South REACH
Dedra ChristianEmail615-343-3597, Featheringill Hall 248Senior Administrative Officer - ECE
Kelley ColopietroEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorResearch Program Coordinator
Carter ConnolleyEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorUG Administrative Coordinator
Jeanne CouchmanEmail615-343-2188, Stevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorGrants Manager
Alex CousartEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorClinical Research Coordinator
Rebecca CowellEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorLaboratory Manager
Tiffany CrickEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorStudent Success Specialist
Myrtle DanielsEmail615-322-2413, 101 Olin HallSenior Administrative Assistant
Robert DanielsEmail615-322-3189, 162A Jacobs HallSystem Architect
Philip DavisEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorEngineer
Rossane DellapEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorSenior Research Engineer
Stanley DenhamEmail615-343-5693Building & Facilities Manager
Magdalena DenkerEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorAdministrative Officer, Assoc
Mary DeyEmail615-875-2415Research Projects Manager
John DunbarEmail615-322-6245Building & Facilities Manager
Pamela DunnEmail615-343-9178, 5332 Stevenson CenterEducational Coordinator
Kaylee EastEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorFinancial Unit Analyst
Fred EiseleEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSystem Architect
Brenda EllisEmail615-343-6314, 5307 Stevenson CenterSenior Scientific Communications Specialist
Hayley FaheyEmail615-343-2534, Stevenson Center 3rd FloorDigital Marketing Communications Specialist
Shimra FineEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorSoft Goods Prototyper
Chrystal FizerEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorGrants Manager
Jason GigaxEmail615-343-4623Program Coordinator
Allison GomesEmail615-343-8061, 104 Featheringill HallAcademic Counselor
Marcos Quinones GrueiroEmailResearch Scientist
William HallEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorIT Security Manager
Melissa HarrellEmail615-343-0505, 17th and Horton Building, Room A4004Graduate Program Coordinator
Joseph HassEmail615-322-1702, 17th and Horton Building, Room A4004Administrative Manager
Lana HefnerEmail615-343-8061, 104 Featheringill HallAcademic & Educational Support Program Coordinator, Senior
Jeffrey HenryEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorComputer Systems Analyst
Jessica HernandezEmail104 Featheringill HallAcademic & Educational Support Program Coordinator
Brittany HillEmail615-343-2081, 108 Olin HallAdministrative Manager
Tana HoffmanEmail615-343-7860, 342 Featheringill HallAdministrative Manager
Maddie HumbertEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 1st FloorAssistant Director, Academic Services
Kim HuntEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorGrants Manager
Chad IceEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorDesign & Innovation Engineer
L'Deja InmonEmail615-343-5930, 107 Olin HallAdministrative Assistant
Nour ItaniEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorFinancial Unit Analyst
Borislav IvanovEmail615-322-1812, 302 Olin HallLaboratory Assistant
Julie JamesEmail615-343-6395, 287 Jacobs HallAssistant Director - CRESP
Josh James
Email162A Jacobs Hall, 615-343-1511Research Technician
Alan Jeskey
EmailLASIR, 615-875-4204Engineer
Lucas JohnsonEmail615-343-0137, 5308 Stevenson CenterSenior Editor and Scientific Communications Specialist
Santavaya JordanEmail615-322-3915Engineering Graduate Recruiter
Mary JuddEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorGrants Manager
Amy KarnsEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorEngineer
Tamas KecskesEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSystem Architect
Melody KekezEmail615-343-8443, 102 Olin HallGraduate Program Coordinator
Frankie KingEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorProgram Director, Public Affairs
Kristy KruseEmail615-343-7460, 1025 16th Avenue SouthSenior Grants Manager
Janell LeesEmail615-936-1416, 362 Jacobs HallSenior Grants Manager
Nancy LehenbauerEmail615-343-2390, 1025 16th Avenue SouthGrants Manager
Rui LiEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorSenior Engineer
Lloyd LindseyEmail615-875-2995, 102 Olin HallAdministrative Manager
Diego Manzanas LopezEmail615-343-3128, 5321 Stevenson CenterResearch Scientist
Gabriel LuisEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorDirector of Graduate Recruiting/Assistant Dean for Graduate Education
Christina MaguireEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorGrants Manager
Nagabhushan MahadevanEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSystem Architect
Adam McKeever-BurgettEmail615-343-8061,104-D Featheringill HallAssistant Dean for Academic Services
Mary MetelkoEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSystem Architect
Sarah NagyEmail615-343-9769, 103 Olin HallSenior Administrative Officer - ME
Maya NashabiEmail615-875-8996, 269 Jacobs HallSenior Administrative Officer - CEE
Eva Burelos NietoEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorEnvironmental Analytical Chemist
Harmon NineEmail615-343-0586, 5824-C Stevenson CenterSystem Architect
Lars Peter NordbergEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorGraduate Program Coordinator
Robert OwensEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorSystem Architect
Megan PaskEmail615-322-6622, Stevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorLaboratory Manager
Magdalena PaszewskaEmail615-322-0003, Stevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorSenior Administrative Officer - BME, Sr. Director of Grants and Contracts (Interim)
Gerilynn PearceEmail615-343-4871, 280 Jacobs HallAdministrative Manager
Dorothy PewittEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorGrants Manager
Mike PhillipsEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorEngineer
Sara RaiszadehEmail615-343-6612, 17th and Horton Building, Room A4004Graduate Program Coordinator
Karthik RamadassEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorSenior Engineer
Stephen ReesEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSystem Architect
Curtis RhymerEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorGrants Manager
Bill RodriguezEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorLaboratory Manager
Ellie RosenbloomEmail615-343-1148, 610-C Olin HallNASA Grant Program Coordinator
Samantha RubinEmail615-343-3140, 162A Jacobs HallLaboratory Assistant
Silva RybinskiEmail615-343-9535, SC Physics & Astronomy 3rd FloorProgram Manager - FCAI
Jason ScottEmail615-875-5097, 1025 16th Avenue SouthResearch Projects Manager
Matthew SevillaEmail615-343-4631, 5305 Stevenson CenterFinancial Analyst, Senior
Rebecca Shattuck-BrandtEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorResearch Analyst, Sr
Tina ShawEmail615-343-1099, 5824B Stevenson CenterAdministrative Manager
Missy SheehyEmail615-343-7473, 1025 16th Ave 1st FloorGrants Manager
Cassidy SlabaughEmail615-343-7381, Featheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorGraduate Program Coordinator
Sharon SoxayachanhEmailOlin Hall 109Senior Administrative Officer - ChBE
Mary Margaret SprinkleEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSenior Administrative Officer - ISIS
Melissa StephensEmailSc Science & Engineering 8th FloorSenior Grants Manager
Teagan StewartEmail615-343-1684Administrative Assistant, ME
Jodi StoutEmailFeatheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorAdministrative Specialist (CRESP)
Chrissy SuellEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorLaboratory Manager
Meagen SweetEmail615-343-8736, Olin Hall 1st FloorGrants Manager
Richard TeisingEmail615-343-2019, 172E Jacobs HallEngineer
Barry TempletonEmail615-343-0920, Featheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorSenior Manager of VUSE Facilities
Mark ThelenEmail615-322-5836, 410A Olin HallLaboratory Manager
John ThorpeEmail615-343-4694, Stevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorBuilding & Facilities Manager
Don TruexEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorEngineer
Ryan UnderwoodEmail615-343-8267, 5319 Stevenson CenterVUSE Director of Communications and Marketing
Riley WagnerEmail615-322-3691, 1025 16th Ave 1st FloorResearch Program Coordinator
Joanne WangEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorAssistant Dean for Professional and External Education Programs
Shekinda WardEmail615-343-6580, Featheringill-Jacobs Hall 2nd FloorGrants Manager
Stella WeaverEmail615-322-8637, 287 Jacobs HallProgram Assistant - CRESP
Talyia WhiteEmail615-343-6606, 267B Jacobs HallGrants Manager
Jacqueline WhiteEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 3rd FloorGraduate Program Coordinator
Alison WilliamsEmail615-875-9068, 5305 Stevenson CenterSenior Associate Business Officer
Regan WilliamsEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorResearch Program Coordinator
Devon WilsonEmailOlin Hall 1st FloorSoftware Engineer
Sean WilsonEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorEngineer
Ian WoodEmail5537 Stevenson CenterChief Business Officer
Mary Ruth Wossum-FisherEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorGrants Manager
Di YaoEmail1025 16th Ave 1st FloorSystem Architect
Fang YuEmailStevenson Science and Engineering, 8th FloorLaboratory Manager