Junior engineering competition brings high school teams to VUSE

Tennessee high school teams will meet Feb. 26 at Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering to participate in a Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) program – TEAMS – that challenges students to use the practical applications of math and science to answer engineering questions about everyday world challenges.

The 2010 theme is “Water, Water Everywhere!” Students will tackle the critical and global need of providing access to one of nature’s most vital resources on earth: clean water.

TEAMS is an annual theme-based competition giving students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to discover engineering and how they can make a difference in the world. Students can be from high schools—public, private, home schools—youth groups or clubs and organizations.

The competition takes place at different sites in local communities across the country. Competition hosts are generally colleges, universities and professional organizations that conduct the local competition and serve as the host. Teams can sign up through Feb 5 online at: http://www.jets.org/TEAMS/registrationForm.cfm.

Other activities Feb. 26 include a campus tour, luncheon, Vanderbilt engineering students’ panel, and awards presentation. To learn more, contact Dean Stacy Klein-Gardner at 615-322-6085.


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