Local high school students tackle global water challenge in 2010 JETS TEAMS competition

Tennessee high schools have been named national winners in the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) TEAMS engineering competition for 2010. This year, they tackled one of the world’s most pressing problems – the global water shortage, highlighted recently by the Haiti earthquake.

Each year, JETS, through its TEAMS competition, provides students in grades nine through 12 with the opportunity to make real-world connections between math and science to engineering by solving actual engineering scenarios. Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering served as a host and conducted the local competition including a campus tour, luncheon, Vanderbilt engineering students’ panel, and awards presentation on Feb. 26.

Themed, “Water, Water Everywhere,” the 2010 competition demonstrated to the more than 10,000 participating students around the country how engineers in various disciplines, including environmental engineers, civil engineers, and mechanical engineers are involved in the protection and delivery of the world’s water supply.

Results for the national rankings are listed below.

For the 9/10 grades:

In division 2, Harpeth Hall is #9.  The were 46 teams.

In division 7, Brentwood (team C) is #43.  There were 81 teams.

For 11/12 grades:

In division 2, The Gatton Academy is #47.  Girls Preparatory School (team A) is #53.  Montgomery Bell Academy (A) is #71.  Girls Preparatory School (B) is #94.  There were a total of 166 teams.

In division 3, Houston County High is #163.  There were a total of 174 teams.

In division 7, Brentwood High (team A) is #38, Franklin High (team A) is #42.  Brentwood High (team B) is #92.  Franklin High (team B) is #95.  Gallatin High (team A) was #158.  Gallatin High (team B) was #228.  There were a total of 239 teams.

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