Jennings receives 2010 ACS Doolittle Award

Professor G. Kane Jennings, associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, with doctoral student Juan Tuberquia and undergraduate student Nabijan Nizamidin, was awarded the 2010 Arthur K. Doolittle Award from the American Chemical Society.

2010 Doolittle Award
L-R, Nabijan Nizamidin, Professor G. Kane Jennings, Juan Tuberquia.

The award is given to the authors of the best paper presented at the ACS national meeting in the Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering Division from more than 500 eligible papers this year.

The paper, “Superhydrophobic Barrier Films by Surface-Initiated Polymerization,” was presented by Jennings with Tuberquia and Nizamidin as co-authors.

The selection of the Doolittle Award is performed by a committee and is based on the scientific content of the paper, its significance to the field, the mechanics of the presentation, and the quality of the preprints.

Jennings is co-director of graduate studies in the ChBE department and his research interests include surface modification, experimental molecular engineering, corrosion inhibition, and microelectronics processing.

The Arthur K. Doolittle Award was established by the Union Carbide Corporation where Doolittle, a noted chemical engineer led the company’s plastics research. The $1,000  prize is financed with the gift of royalties from A. K. Doolittle’s book, Technology of Solvents and Plasticizers. Doolittle also taught at Drexel University and Princeton.