Giorgio delivers invited talk at IEEE international conference in Argentina

Todd D. Giorgio, professor and chair of the biomedical engineering department, delivered an invited talk at the 32nd annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Sept. 1-4.

His title – Medical School Influence on Biomedical Engineering Research and Teaching – was part of  “Technology Commercialization, Education, Industry and Society,” one of 11 program themes.  The overall global conference title was “Merging Medical Humanism and Technology.”

Mechanical engineering professor Michael Goldfarb is one of the authors on two papers presented during poster sessions: “Feasibility of a Hybrid-FES System for Gait Restoration in Paraplegics” and “Stumble Detection and Classification for an Intelligent Transfemoral Prosthesis.”

Hugo Quintero and Ryan Farris, of Vanderbilt University, and William Durfee, University of Minnesota, are co-authors of the Hybrid-FES System paper; Brian Lawson, Huseyin Varol and Frank Sup, all of Vanderbilt, are co-authors of the Intelligent Transfemoral Prosthesis paper.

This is the first time the EBS conference has been held in the southern hemisphere, which allowed more than 3,000 students and 500 biomedical engineers from academic, industrial and health care institutions of Argentina and neighbors Brazil, Chile and Uruguay to benefit from the event.