Schrimpf honored with Best Oral Presentation award at RADECS conference

Ron Schrimpf

Professor of Electrical Engineering Ronald Schrimpf  co-authored and received the Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2009 Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS) conference which was held in Bruges, Belgium. The paper entitled “Modeling of Ionizing Radiation-Induced Degradation in Multiple Gate Field Effect Transistors,” was co-authored by I.S. Esqueda, H. J. Barnaby,University of Arizona, and F. El Mamouni, Vanderbilt graduate student in electrical engineering. The award was presented at the 2010 RADECS conference in Längenfeld, Austria.

The RADECS association aims at promoting scientific fundamental and applied research primarily in the fields of radiations and their effection materials, components and systems, but also in all fields conventionally with radiations and in particular in space environment, the civilian and military nuclear environment.  It also aims at promoting all development applications resulting from this research and at facilitating all forms of interchange and communication for training and perfecting the knowledge of those working in such fields.

Schrimpf’s research activities focus on microelectronics and semiconductor devices. In particular, he has a very active research program dealing with the effects of radiation on semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. The Radiation Effects and Reliability Group at Vanderbilt is the largest of its type at any United States university. Current projects include application and development of technology computer aided design tools for radiation effects, use of high performance parallel computing to simulate single-event effects and soft errors in integrated circuits, atomic-scale modeling of radiation-induced defects, very low dose-rate (spacelike) effects on bipolar and MOS integrated circuits, total-dose and single-event effects in power devices and circuits and development of radiation-effects and hardness-assurance test methodologies.

Schrimpf is also the director of the Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE). The engineering staff of ISDE performs design, analysis and modeling work for a variety of space and defense oriented organizations.