Professor chats about AI at local Science Cafe

Kazuhiko Kawamura chatted about artificial intelligence with 15 people at Fido Cafe in Hillsboro Village over cups of coffee and the din of surrounding customers.

KawamuraKawamura, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University, was the speaker at the Nov. 18 Science Café, a program of Nashville’s Adventure Science Center.

Science Café is a series of one-hour informal discussions held at local spots intended to introduce guests to local scientists and engineers in a fun and casual setting.

Kawamura was invited to discuss artificial intelligence – the practical applications of AI and when AI would become prevalent and useful in daily life.

Kawamura is Director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Intelligent Systems, and founding chair of the Service Robot Technical Committee, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. His research includes cognitive architecture and robotics, human-robot interfaces and intelligent systems and working memory.