Engineering Ph.D. program is 37th in U.S. News 2012 rankings

The School of Engineering’s Ph.D. program tied for No. 37 with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, ranking ahead of Virginia, Case Western Reserve and Washington University in St. Louis, and just behind Rice, Yale and University of Colorado-Boulder in U.S. News’s 2012 rankings of Best Engineering Schools, which were released today. MIT was ranked No. 1.

Programs at 198 engineering schools that grant doctoral degrees were surveyed; 194 responded. Data were collected in fall 2010 and early 2011. Rankings for 194 schools that provided the data needed were calculated based on a weighted average of the 10 indicators:

  • Quality Assessment (weighted by .40), which includes a peer assessment score (.25) and a recruiter assessment score (.15).
  • Student Selectivity (weighted by .10), which includes mean GRE quantitative scores (.0675) and acceptance rate (.0325).
  • Faculty Resources (weighted by .25), which includes student to faculty ratio for full-time doctoral students (.075) and full-time master’s students(.0375), percent of faculty in the National Academy of Engineering (.075), and doctoral degrees awarded (.0625).
  • Research Activity (weighted by .25), which includes total research expenditures (.15) and average research expenditures per faculty member (.10).

Overall Rank: Data were standardized about their means, and standardized scores were weighted, totaled, and rescaled so that the top-scoring school received 100; others received their percentage of the top score.