ViSE members make strong showing at the annual SPIE Medical Imaging Symposium

A number of ViSE faculty and student members of the Vanderbilt Initiative in Surgery and Engineering (ViSE) participated in the 2012 SPIE Medical Imaging Symposium in San Diego, Feb 4-9. Among the 908 papers and posters presented at the conference, 24 were presented by ViSE members. Among the 1144 attendees, 22 were ViSE members.

ViSE students were also recognized for the quality of their work.

Ryan Datteri received the best paper award for his paper entitled “Estimation of Rigid-body Registration Quality Using Registration Networks” (authors R. D. Datteri and B.M. Dawant).

Fitsum Reda was a best paper award finalist for his paper entitled “Automatic Preoperative to Intraoperative CT Registration for Image-guided Cochlear Implant Surgery” (authors F.A. Reda, B.M Dawant, R.F. Labadie, and J.H. Noble).

Michael Shannon received an Honorable Mention for his poster entitled “Initial Study of Breast Tissue Retraction Toward Image-guided Breast Surgery” (authors M.I. Shannon, I.M. Meszoely, T.S. Pheiffer, A.L. Simpson, K. Sun,  J.E. Ondrake, and M.I. Miga).