Eight engineering faculty on committee to assess commercial value of Vanderbilt research

Eight engineering faculty members are part

of a newly formed 20-member Faculty Advisory Committee in the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CTTC).

Eric J. Barth

The Faculty Advisory Committee is comprised of leading Vanderbilt researchers who were brought together to help maximize the effectiveness of CTTC in providing top-quality commercialization services to inventors.  The faculty-led group is structured to have direct and regular impact on the operations of CTTC and serves as a sounding board for new initiatives and existing programs.

Engineering faculty members are Eric Barth, mechanical engineering; Michael Goldfarb, mechanical engineering; Scott Guelcher, chemical and biomolecular engineering; Rick Haselton, biomedical engineering;  Duco Jansen, biomedical engineering; David Piston, chemical and biomolecular engineering; Sandy Rosenthal, chemical and biomolecular engineering; and Sharon Weiss, electrical engineering and computer science.

CTTC helps protect, evaluate and commercialize Vanderbilt’s research innovations by providing a variety of services, which include filing patent applications, maintaining issued patents, registering copyrights, negotiating license agreements and marketing, among others.

All of the engineering members on the committee have research that is either fully licensed or have active cases with CTTC. Fourteen Vanderbilt University domestic patents issued in 2011 involved technology developed by researchers in the School of Engineering.