Mahadevan receives 2012 best paper award from military research journal

Sankaran Mahadevan

Sankaran Mahadevan, John R. Murray Professor of Engineering, has received a 2012 best paper award from the Military Operations Research Journal, a publication of the Military Operations Research Society, for the 2011 submission, “A System of Systems Approach for Effects-Based Operational Planning Under Uncertainty.”

Additional authors are Mark P. McDonald, adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Howard D. McInvale, a Vanderbilt civil engineering Ph.D. graduate who now serves as associate professor of mathematics and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Mahadevan, professor of civil and environmental engineering and mechanical engineering, is the director of the multidisciplinary doctoral program in Reliability and Risk Engineering and Management. He also has a joint appointment as Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

His research interests are in reliability and uncertainty analysis methods, material degradation, structural health monitoring, design optimization, and model uncertainty. The methods have been applied to civil, mechanical and aerospace systems. This research has been funded by NSF, NASA (Glen, Marshall, Langley, Ames), FAA, U. S. DOE, U. S. DOT, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U. S. Army Research Office, U.S. Air Force, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, General Motors, Chrysler, Union Pacific, Transportation Technology Center, and the Sandia, Los Alamos, Idaho and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.