Engineering faculty on committees appointed to help with strategic planning

Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos has appointed faculty to four steering committees and accompanying academic planning groups that will contribute to the campuswide strategic planning effort.

More than 140 faculty will participate in this effort along with the 25-person Executive Committee that was appointed earlier this summer.

Nineteen engineering faculty are members of various committees and groups.

The committees and planning groups are aligned with four themes outlined by the chancellor. They are transinstitutional programs, undergraduate residential experience, education technologies and health care solutions.

Engineering faculty appointed to steering committees are:

  • Transinstitutional programs:  John Gore, biomedical engineering
  • Undergraduate residential experience:  Doug Fisher, electrical engineering and computer science
  • Educational technologies: Paul Harris, biomedical engineering; Doug Schmidt, electrical engineering and computer science
  • Health care solutions:  Peter Cummings, Associate Dean for Research, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Engineering faculty appointed to academic planning groups are:

  • Transinstitutional programs:  Adam Anderson, biomedical engineering; Sankaran Mahadevan, civil and environmental engineering; Clare McCabe, chemical and biomolecular engineering; and Sandra Rosenthal, biomolecular engineering
  • Undergraduate residential experience:  David Furbish, civil and environmental engineering; Ron Schrimpf, electrical engineering and computer science; and Yuan Xue, computer engineering and computer science
  • Educational technologies: Dan Fleetwood, electrical engineering and computer science; George Hornberger, civil and environmental engineering; Nilanjan Sarkar and Greg Walker, mechanical engineering
  • Health care solutions:  Gautam Biswas, computer science and computer engineering; Benoit Dawant, electrical engineering and computer science; Todd Giorgio, biomedical engineering

The Executive Committee met regularly with Zeppos over the summer to formulate key concepts and goals for the strategic plan. In the coming weeks, they will work with the newly appointed faculty to further discuss, analyze and prioritize the best ideas that will shape the future of Vanderbilt.

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Executive Committee

See the members of the steering committees.

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