Merryman to receive the 2014 Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award from ASME

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering W. David Merryman has been awarded the 2014 Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

The prestigious Y.C. Fung award was established in 1985 to recognize young investigators who are committed to pursuing research in the field of bioengineering and have demonstrated significant potential to make substantial contributions to the field.

Merryman was recognized for singular achievements in the study of heart valve mechanobiology, in the teaching of biomechanics, and through outstanding service to the profession including the ASME Bioengineering Division.

Merryman and his colleagues have identified a new potential therapy for preventing heart valve disease. They are studying the cellular signaling that leads to hardening of the aortic valve. Using an inhibitor drug to block specific cells in the aortic valve thought to cause calcification could lead to an innovative nonsurgical approach for patients who have limited therapeutic options.

He will be presented the Y.C. Fung Medal at the 2014 ASME Summer Bioengineering Meeting in Boston, July 6 -11. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 7th quadrennial World Congress on Biomechanics, which will bring together engineers, scientists from various disciplines including biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry and various clinical specialties.