Alumni’s son helps set world record with giant Hot Wheels loop

Everett Hunter led a team of "fifth grade engineers" to set a Hot Wheel's "highest loop" world record. (Robert Nozar, Sun News)

When the 11-year-old son of two 1996 mechanical engineering graduates – Jeb and Meg Hunter  – asked if he could go for the record of the largest Hot Wheels loop, his parents didn’t say ‘no,’ according to his mother.

Meg told the Sun News, “Later it was, ‘What have we gotten ourselves into?'”

Fifth-grader Everett Hunter led the team at Woodbury Elementary School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, that would break the Guinness World Record set in 2012 of the largest loop designed for Hot Wheels, those tiny diecast cars introduced by Mattel in 1968.

With parental help and supervision, students built this record-breaking 9-foot, 9-inch loop for Hot Wheels. (Robert Nozar, Sun News)

This was the fourth attempt at setting the record for a 9-foot, 9-inch Hot Wheels loop, six inches better than the previous best.

Officical witnesses at the March 24 event were a certified public accountant at a downtown Cleveland firm and and a Shaker Heights police corporal.

Everett said he has been interested in Hot Wheels since a shopping expedition five years ago in which he encountered the cars, the Sun News reported.

“I thought they would be fun,” said Everett, who comes by his interest in cars honestly. Jed Hunter runs several dealerships in Northeast Ohio. “We all had a lot of fun and learned at the same time,” the youngster said.

Meg said Everett was the inspiration but “Jed can be credited with the design and construction.”

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