Galloway offers Senior Day seminar as part of Commencement 2014 events

A series of free educational seminars featuring Vanderbilt faculty will be available to parents and Commencement visitors from 2 to 4:15 p.m. on Senior Day, Thursday, May 8.

Faculty seminars prove to be popular with the parents and guests of graduates during Vanderbilt University’s annual Commencement Week activities, which run May 7-9 with the main Commencement ceremony on Friday, May 9.

Bob Galloway, professor of biomedical engineering, will offer an hour-long seminar – “Why is an engineer in the operating room?” – in Wilson Hall 103 at 3:15 p.m.


“Therapeutic techniques need to be more sensitive, more specific and more efficient. That is why more engineers are involved in translating techniques into healthcare. We are moving from discovery to design,” said Galloway, who also is a professor of neurological surgery and a professor of surgery.

In 2004 Galloway founded the first image-guided liver surgery company, Pathfinder Therapeutics Inc. His research is on the improving the guidance of therapeutic procedures in order to maximize the efficacy of therapy delivery to diseased tissue while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Galloway’s systems have been used for cancer therapy in the brain, liver, kidney and pancreas. In addition, he has developed systems for spinal surgery and the delivery of drugs for optic neuropathies.

Galloway has been elected a Fellow of both the American Institute for Medicine and Biology and the IEEE. He is the author of 130 peer-reviewed journal articles and holds 11 U.S. and international patents. In 2010 he was named a Distinguished Alumnus of Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering. Galloway has been at Vanderbilt since 1985 and he joined the faculty in 1987.