Pintauro elected as AIChE Fellow

Peter Pintauro, H. Eugene McBrayer Professor of Chemical Engineering, has been elected as a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Fellowship in AIChE represents the highest grade of membership in the 45,000-member organization, which is dedicated to promoting excellence in chemical engineering through advancing career development, education and professional standards. The election recognizes Pintauro’s distinctive accomplishments and contributions to chemical engineering.


Recognized for his work in the field of fuel cell membranes and electrochemical engineering, Pintauro, has won numerous awards for teaching and research, was named a fellow of the Electrochemical Society and served as the chair of the chemical and biomolecular engineering department at Vanderbilt. In June 2009 he became the first holder the H. Eugene McBrayer Chair in Chemical Engineering in the School of Engineering.

Pintauro’s research work is focused on electrochemical engineering; membrane science, fabrication and characterization of polymeric ion-exchange membranes for fuel cell applications; membrane transport modeling; and organic electrochemical synthesis.

The biggest impact of this research will be on the performance (power output) of fuel cells, which will lead to less expensive fuel cells. Pintauro works on new polymer materials and new polymer nanostructures for high-performance proton-exchange membranes to be used in hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells. Better membranes will improve fuel cell performance and durability, which will ultimately make fuel cells more attractive for portable, automotive and stationary power applications.

Founded in 1908, AIChE is a nonprofit organization providing leadership to the chemical engineering profession representing 45,000 members in industry, academia and government.