Survey says Vanderbilt ranks No. 8 in highest-earning engineering graduates

Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering ranks No. 8 on a list of schools that produce the highest-earning engineering graduates, according to a new report from the salary website

Vanderbilt engineering graduates’ early career salary is listed as $64,400, while graduates typically go on to earn almost $130,000 a year – mid-career salary – by the time they reach their thirties.

PayScale 2014-2015 surveyPayScale’s 2014-15 College Salary Report has data for engineering graduates from 216 colleges and universities. Rice University is No. 1.

According to Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post, PayScale surveyed 1.4 million college graduates who provided information on the school they attended, their choice of major, and their current job and salary.

“While the survey respondents are all PayScale users, and hence a somewhat self-selective sample, it’s worth noting that PayScale’s earnings figures comport closely with separate research released by the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project this week,” Ingraham reported in a blog post.

Aside from actuarial mathematics, every one of the top 10 best-paying majors is in engineering, PayScale reported.

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