Schrimpf receives IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Merit Award

Ronald Schrimpf has received the 2021 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Merit Award for contributions to the understanding of radiation effects in semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

The Merit Award is the highest technical award presented by the IEEE NPSS and the selection criteria include the importance of individual technical contributions as well as technical contributions made by teams led by the recipient. Candidates may be selected from any of the eight technical areas included in the NPSS.

Ronald Schrimpf

Schrimpf is the Orrin Henry Ingram Professor of Engineering, a professor of electrical engineering, and director of Vanderbilt’s Institute for Space and Defense Electronics. He is a co-founder of the Radiation Effects and Reliability Group at Vanderbilt, which is widely recognized as the top university-based radiation-effects research and education program.

Schrimpf has served as the president of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, chair of the Radiation Effects Steering Group, and chair of the Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference. He received the NPSS Early Achievement Award and is a Fellow of the IEEE.

His research activities are related to microelectronics and semiconductor devices, particularly radiation effects and reliability. Those activities include semiconductor-device design and simulation, atomic-scale analysis of radiation-induced defects, and development of design and simulation tools for radiation effects.

Schrimpf has authored approximately 600 papers in peer reviewed journals, 200 conference papers, and seven U.S patents.

Contact: Brenda Ellis, 65 343-6314