Janey Camp to serve on Metro Nashville Stormwater Management Committee

Vanderbilt University engineering professor Janey Camp has been appointed to serve on the Stormwater Management Committee for Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.

Janey Camp

Camp is a research associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and a licensed civil engineer in Tennessee. She has expertise in infrastructure resilience and flood mitigation and response strategies.

Camp’s primary research focus is on the interaction of nature and man-made systems and improved community resilience to disruptions caused by natural hazards. Specifically, Camp’s focus is in modeling high-risk areas for future flooding and the factors that contribute to the overall impacts of those events on communities.

She recently was selected as a contributor to the Fifth National Climate Assessment, a quadrennial report on the varied impacts and risks presented by global climate change across the country. The NCA5 is published by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, itself a federally mandated body overseen by 13 member agencies.

The Stormwater Management Committee, a seven-member body, rules on appeals and variance requests related to the Metro Stormwater Regulations. Camp is one of four engineers on the committee and she will serve a four-year term .

Contact: Brenda Ellis, 615 343-6314