Second Annual ECE Day recognizes student achievements, research breakthroughs

The Vanderbilt Electrical and Computer Engineering Department celebrated its second annual ECE Day and recognized curriculum innovations, student achievements and opened with a poster session and luncheon. The event concluded with a keynote presentation by Jonathan Pellish, Microelectronics Manager, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, on “Nuclear Physics to CHIPS and Science: Endless Curiosity and Ingenuity,” and a reception.

The one-day event was created to bring together alumni, faculty, students and staff to celebrate the department’s achievements. View an ECE Day photo album here.

  • Evelyn Marx earned the Best Undergraduate Poster award for her work on “Development of a Certification Framework for a Microelectronics Workforce Development Program.”
  • Yubo Fan lead the graduate student awards for Best Poster with “Temporal Bone CT Synthesis for MR-only Cochlear Implant Preoperative Planning.”
  • Aravind Krishnan receive Best Poster–Runner Up for his paper “CT Reconstruction Kernel Conversion using Generative Adversarial Networks.”
  • Cassandra Nunez received the department’s inaugural Outstanding TA Award. Nunez received exemplary feedback from her students and her faculty mentors.
  • Abigale Plunk was recognized for her winning ECE Day t-shirt design.

Four faculty members presented overviews of research breakthroughs:

  • Mona Ebrish, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, presented on Heterogenous Integration in the Age of Emerging Materials
  • Jack Noble, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, discussed “Engineering for Surgery: How the fundamentals of ECE can transform clinical interventions”
  • Jonathan Sprinkle, Professor of Computer Science, reviewed “Model-Based Design for Autonomous Vehicles”
  • Brian Sierawski, Research Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, presented “Enabling Microelectronics for Extreme Environments”

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