Workshop offers insight on deep learning for medical imaging technology

Vanderbilt researchers are hosting a free workshop on July 13 to shed more light on the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence (MONAI). The daylong workshop is being held following the 2023 MIDL/NVIDIA Conference in Nashville and participation is in person or via Zoom.

Registration for the daylong workshop opened on June 26, 2023.

Project MONAI accelerates the development of deep learning for medical imaging with a common software foundation and a vibrant community. Its customizable interface lets researchers bring components to existing pipelines or perform end-to-end training. It increases efficiency and collaboration with domain-optimized foundational capabilities and algorithm standardization, and it improves reproducibility by bringing together the community for comparison, evaluation, and benchmarking.

Some of the topics at the workshop include Generative AI, Metrics Reloaded, Federated Learning, and the Segment Anything Medical Model (SAMM).

Entry-, intermediate-, and advanced-level researchers are encouraged to join the workshop, but some experience applying deep learning to medical imaging would be useful. And while experience with PyTorch programming isn’t a requirement, it would be beneficial.

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