Brunger receives 2024 Rising Star Award from Biomedical Engineering Society group

Jonathan Brunger, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, has received a 2024 Biomedical Engineering Society-Cellular Molecular Bioengineering Rising Star Award. CMBE is a special interest group of the BMES.

The Rising Star Award recognizes a BMES-CMBE special interest group member who is at their early independent career stage and has made an outstanding impact on the field of cellular and molecular bioengineering.

Jonathan Brunger

“I am honored to receive this recognition, made possible by the bright and hardworking researchers in my lab and our wonderful collaborators,” Brunger said.

Brunger’s lab applies principles from biomedical engineering, synthetic biology, and stem cell technology toward regenerative medicine applications with focus on musculoskeletal and neurodegenerative diseases. His team’s goals are to learn how to regulate cell behaviors so they can ultimately engineer cell therapies that restore function of diseased or degenerated tissues.

This year, Brunger won a National Science Foundation CAREER Award to support tissue engineering research. Brunger earlier won a $1.5 million NSF grant with two Vanderbilt colleagues to advance the science of organoids with cells that organize themselves and mimic development of human brain structures. His lab is also supported by NIH grants and foundation awards.