Center for Democracy and Technology names Wisniewski, Davis to 2024-2026 fellows program

Pamela Wisniewski

Pamela Wisniewski, associate professor in human-computer interaction and Flowers Faculty Fellow in the School of Engineering, has been named to the 2024–26 class of nonresident fellows at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a leading nonpartisan nonprofit in Washington, D.C., working to advance civil rights and civil liberties in the digital age.

Jenny Davis, professor of sociology in the College of Arts and Science, also named a nonresident fellow, joins 22 other distinguished scholars from a wide array of organizations and backgrounds to collaborate on critical policy discussions related to technology and society.

“Given the new and rapid advances in technology, it is increasingly important to address the unintended consequences of unbridled innovation on society, particularly our youth,” Wisniewski said. “CDT is deeply engaged in research and policy to protect the health and digital safety of youth online, which is my main area of research. I’m excited for this opportunity to study real-world problems that our youth are encountering online and for my research to help inform policy discussions.”

Krish Roy, Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Dean of Engineering and University Distinguished Professor, applauded Wisniewski’s selection as a fellow.

“She is an expert in the interplay of social media, privacy and online safety for adolescents,” he said. “She already was doing exceptional research work. This opportunity with the CDT will accelerate her ability to contribute meaningfully to this rapidly changing field and most likely influence how future generations interact with the internet.”