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Engineering Forms

 Download and complete the appropriate form below and submit to

Note: Paper copies are no longer accepted for any forms. All forms must be scanned or photographed and submitted to the email above. (Regardless of instructions listed on the form) 

Research Forms:

To withdraw from a 2022 Fall course: (Deadline- Friday, October 28th, 2022)

  1. On the student landing page in YES, click on 'Course Withdrawal'
  2. The course withdrawal form will open. Input the requested personal information. 
  3. Next, select your home school (associated with your primary major) and faculty adviser (found in YES) 
  4. Select the course from which you wish to withdraw and answer the 4 questions. Please be advised that withdrawing from a course can affect billing, financial aid, immigration status, and/or athletic eligibility. Contact information will be provided.                                                                                                                                                                      

     4a. If the withdrawal will result in a semester enrollment of less than 12 hours total, then please complete the         webform for the 'VUSE Underload Acknowledgment' found here : 



  5. Sign the form and submit the request for approval. Requests for course wtihdrawal will route to the following for review and approval: your adviser, the Office of Academic Services and in some cases the Associate Dean. Withdrawal requests will not be processed until all approvals have been finalized. Requests for which approvals have not been finalized within 7 days will be cancelled. 

To convert a 2022 Fall Pass/Fail course back to a graded basis course or to change a course from graded to Pass/Fail: (Deadline- Friday, October 28th, 2022)

  1. Download the appropriate form above.
  2. Complete the appropriate portions of the form, and then save the form as, “Pass-Fail conversion – (YOUR NAME).”
  1. Email the form to

To change your major or add another major or minor within the School of Engineering:

  1. Email with the following information:  your current major, your current adviser, and your desired new major
  2. We will reply to you, copying your old adviser and your newly assigned adviser, to inform you of your new adviser
  3. We in the Office of Academic Services will then complete the necessary steps to change your major (get adviser/departmental approval and submit appropriate paperwork). Junior and senior students changing their primary major will be asked to get departmental approval before the primary major will be changed. 

To add/drop a 2nd major or minor outside the School of Engineering :

  1. Download the 'Change of Major' form above.
  2. Complete the appropriate portions of the form, and then save the form as, "Major Declaration- (YOUR NAME)."
  3. Send the form and your request to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) of the department for your intended major and minor. They will let you know the name of the adviser they will assign to you which you will include next to a major or minor you are declaring. If you are dropping a major or minor you will need permission from the adviser listed on your YES page. 
  4. Email the form to with the adviser name(s) and permission(s). We will accept an email approval in lieu of a signature on the form.