Classes of 2022 and Beyond

Immersion Vanderbilt provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to pursue their passions and cultivate intellectual interests through experiential learning. This intensive learning experience is embedded within the School of Engineering’s educational programs and is a role model for immersion experiences in the rest of the university.   As a VUSE student, your immersion experience will take place in and beyond the classroom and culminates in the creation of a final project.

Through your major curriculum in BME, ChemE, CE, CS, ECE, ES, or ME, you will complete your Immersion requirement.  Your very first courses at Vanderbilt, ES 140x, Introduction to Engineering, will launch you into this experience.  You will typically complete your project in your senior year and will present your work at Design Day or another Immersion Showcase.

Most VUSE students will complete their immersion experience within their major; however, you can instead pursue an immersion plan in addition to your curriculum. For example, you may immerse yourself in research, creative expression, or international study and designate this as your immersion experience.  If you choose one of these alternative options, you will still be required to complete the capstone project experience for your major.

We will guide you in your sophomore year to prepare your Immersion Plan, declaring your intent to pursue your major’s capstone project as your immersive experience, or direct you to the Office of Immersion Resources if you are planning an immersion experience outside the School of Engineering.  If you have questions about your Immersion Vanderbilt experience within VUSE, reach out to the Immersion Coordinator in your major:

Biomedical Engineering     Prof. Marc Moore
Chemical Engineering     Prof. Russell Dunn
Civil Engineering     Prof. Lori Troxel
Computer Science     Prof. Robert Tairas
Electrical and Computer Engineering     Prof. Walter Collett
Engineering Science     Prof. Courtney Johnson
Mechanical Engineering     Prof. Tom Withrow

If undecided as to a major and you have immersion questions, contact the VUSE Immersion Director, Prof. Tom Withrow.