Career Placement

As a VU engineering student, your career prospects are excellent if you take appropriate steps to achieve your goals.  Earning your degree with good grades is not enough.   You will need to develop a professional network, participate in internships, and research industries and employers of interest.  You will need to learn how to present yourself to employers. The VU Career Center has the resources you need to help you learn these skills and make these connections.  Peak on-campus recruiting seasons are September to November and January to March for both full-time and internship opportunities.  

Our Dores & Where They Anchor Down

In the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, we are proud to share with you the placement results for our graduating students who secure exciting jobs and admission to the finest graduate programs. We survey all graduating students in the month prior to Commencement and have impressive response rates of 88-97% over the last several years.