Study Abroad Programs

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Selecting Your Program

The guide below shows your options for studying engineering during a fall or spring semester abroad. Your curriculum plan and your other goals will help you decide if a fall, spring, Maymester, or summer study abroad program is best for you.

The GEO website has a complete list of programs, including additional VU programs where you can fulfill non-engineering degree requirements. The GEO site also includes information about fees, costs, and billing

Where Can I Study Engineering Abroad?

The tables below show your options for studying engineering in your major abroad. Click to expand the country/region. Look in the column for your major. Click on university name for general information and on the catalog icon for course catalog.

M - host institution offers your major
C - courses offered but no major
F, S - Links to sample fall or spring study abroad curricula, respectively

Note that ES majors tend to have the flexibility to study at any of these institutions. Civil engineering majors need to be at VU for the spring of the junior year.


Browse Programs By Country / Region

Non-VU Programs

If VU does not offer a study abroad program that suits your needs, under certain circumstances you may be allowed to study with another program and transfer the credits back to VU.

Important Notes:

  • As a condition of receiving transfer credit, you must register your travel for and during non-VU programs and comply with all VU global safety requirements per the student international travel policy (see instructions at ). See Global Safety website for more information.
  • Basic Safety and Security Checklist
  • Transfer of credit is not guaranteed. If accepted for transfer credit, only grades of C- or better can be transferred AND these grades will not count in your VU GPA.
  • Transfer credit cannot replace a course previously completed at Vanderbilt.

The first step for VUSE students is to contact VUSE Office of Student Success ( to determine if the proposed study abroad program is acceptable.

If the proposed study abroad provider is determined to be suitable AND you plan to study abroad during the summer only, then go to your landing page in YES and click on the link for "Transfer Credit." Follow the instructions to get each course you propose to take evaluated.  With your first request, be sure to upload your completed Study Elsewhere Review and Acknowledgement – School of Engineering.

If the proposed study abroad provider is determined to be suitable AND you wish to study abroad during the fall or spring semester, you will have to apply for a leave of absence (LOA). IF a leave of absence is granted for study abroad, you will not be able to use VU financial aid or other resources such as housing or VU student health insurance during your leave. To apply for a leave of absence, you must do the following:

  1. Write a petition that describes the compelling reasons why study abroad with this program, rather than any of the VU programs, is important to your education.
  2. Go to your landing page in YES and click on the link for "Transfer Credit." Follow the instructions to get each course you propose to take evaluated.
  3. Include in your petition your curriculum plan, showing how courses from this program will combine with your VU courses to allow you to meet your degree requirements in a timely manner.
  4. Ask your academic adviser if she/he will endorse your petition. LOA’s will not be approved without the academic adviser’s endorsement.
  5. Submit your petition to VUSE Office of Student Success (

Summer Transfer Credit Opportunities

There are some great opportunities to study engineering and related subjects abroad over the summer.  You get all the benefits of study abroad plus typically the flexibility to add travel or other activities.  In addition to the direct-credit summer programs offered through the VU Global Education Office, here are links to English-language summer programs other VUSE students have enjoyed:

Here are some other English-language summer programs abroad of potential interest but with which VUSE does not yet have experience:

A few important notes:

  • These are NOT direct credit programs and are not offered through VU GEO. Thus, you need to follow the instructions for “Transfer Credit” in YES (see your landing page) to get each course you propose to take evaluated in advance of committing to the program. If accepted for transfer credit, grades for these courses will NOT count in your GPA.
  • VU financial aid does not cover summer study abroad, though some funding may be available through  the Gilman International Scholarship program.