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Abhishek Dubey

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Intellectual Neighborhoods

Research Focus

My research goals are to develop tools, platforms and analytical techniques  required for dynamic and  resilient cyber-physical platforms. While traditional design issues caused by the tight integration between the physical and cyber elements both within and across the components and subsystems remain, the newer issues due to distribution of applications in both space (physical nodes) and time (deployed and configured over time) persist. The vision of this next generation of  interconnected “cyber physical platforms”' requires evolution towards closed loop, low latency, real-time interconnections and managed architectures that best use the newly emerging concepts, such as Internet of Things (IoT). Also fundamental to this approach is distributed data analysis that can enable operations across different levels ranging from small actuator/sensor networks to smart cities.

I am especially interested in applying my research to smart grid.  My current research focuses on developing hierarchical failure propagation models for understanding failure dynamics in smart grid and using that information for online fault diagnostics and prognostics. The uniqueness of the approach is in that it does not involve complex real-time computations involving high-fidelity models, but performs reasoning using efficient graph algorithms based on the observation of various anomalies in the system. Such approaches to fault management, if successful, will improve the effectiveness of isolating failures in large-scale systems such as Smart Electric Grids, by identifying impending failure propagations, and determining the time to critical failure, which can increase the system reliability and reduce the losses accrued due to power failures.