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Ann Clarke

Adjunct Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Invited lecturer in Vanderbilt courses including:

- Environmental Assessment (School of Engineering)

- Environmental Characterization and Analysis (School of Engineering)

- Radiological Aspects of Environmental Engineering (School of Engineering)

- Voluntary Compliance with Environmental Regulations (Owen School)                  

- Environmental Law (Law School)

Dr. Clarke held appointments as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Center for Environmental Quality Management; an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Vanderbilt University; and Adjunct Professor, Toxic Substances Control Laboratory, Vanderbilt University. Previously, she held appointments as Research Assistant Professor, Environmental and Water Resource Engineering. She also had served in the capacity of Research Engineer, Center for Industrial Water Quality Management.

During Dr. Clarke’s appointments at Vanderbilt, she developed a continuous biomonitor unit to provide early warnings of potential upsets at joint municipal/industrial wastewater treatment plants. In addition, she was the author of several industry-specific reports on the cost-of-clean water in conjunction with P-92-500 requirements. Dr. Clarke also taught undergraduate chemistry laboratory as well as undergraduate/graduate environmental chemistry laboratory. She also provided invited lectures on state-of-the-art treatment technologies in graduate environmental engineering courses.