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Eric Barth

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director of Graduate Studies
Faculty Head of Hank Ingram House

Mechanical Engineering

Intellectual Neighborhoods

Research Focus

Dynamic systems and control. Design, modeling and control of mechatronic and fluid power systems, free-piston internal combustion and free-piston Stirling engines, power supply and actuation for autonomous robots, and applied non-linear control.

Current Projects

Laboratory for the Design and Control of Energetic Systems 
Professor E. J. Barth 
The Laboratory for the Design and Control of Energetic Systems seeks to apply a system dynamics and control perspective to problems involving the control and transduction of energy. This scope includes multi-physics modeling, control methodologies formulation, and model-based or model-guided design. The space of applications where this framework has been applied includes nonlinear controllers and nonlinear observers for pneumatically actuated systems, a combined thermodynamic / system dynamics approach to the design of free piston internal combustion and external heat source engines, modeling and model-based design and control of monopropellant systems, hydraulic energy storage, small-scale boundary layer turbines, and energy-based approaches for single and multiple vehicle control and guidance.