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Eric Spivey

Research Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Intellectual Neighborhoods

Research Focus

  • Design and fabrication of openable microfluidic devices to improve analytical access to tissue models without compromising biofidelity of the cell microenvironment
  • Design, construction and implementation of devices and instrument components to improve the spatial resolution of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry
  • Construction of high-throughput microfluidic and optical systems to enable registration of mass spectrometry data to other analytical techniques at the single-cell scale


Wikswo JP, Reiserer RS, Geuy MD, Spivey EC, Britt CM, Brown JA, Markov DA, Faley S, McCawley LJ, Samson PC. “Vertical-via rotary valves, microbioreactors and applications of the same” Application filed 30 April 2021; Published 4 Nov 2021 as WO2021222778A1. Status: Pending.

Anderson DM, Spivey EC, Caprioli RM. “Apparatus and methods of sublimation for repeatable uniform or patterned deposition of matrix crystals on solid substrates” Application filed 27 Nov 2019; Published 11 June 2020 as US20200181758A1. Status: Pending.

Wikswo JP, Spivey EC, Schaffer DK, Reiserer RS, Seale KT, Block FE. “Multicompartment Microfluidic Bioreactors, Cylindrical Rotary Valves and Applications of Same,” Application filed 29 May 2019; Published 1 July 2021 as US20210198607A1. Status: Pending.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Spivey, …, Caprioli, Combining MALDI-2 and Transmission Geometry Laser Optics to Achieve High Sensi-tivity for Ultra-High Spatial Resolution Surface Analysis, Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2019)

Greenstein, …, Spivey, …, Al-Sady, Noncoding RNA-nucleated heterochromatin spreading is intrinsically labile and requires accessory elements for epigenetic stability, eLife, 7 e32948 (2018), PMCID: PMC6070336

Jones Jr, S. K., Spivey, E. C., Rybarski, J. R. and Finkelstein, I. J. (2018). A Microfluidic Device for Massive-ly Parallel, Whole-lifespan Imaging of Single Fission Yeast Cells. Bio-protocol 8(7): e2783. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.2783, PMCID: PMC5951408