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Eugene LeBoeuf

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Intellectual Neighborhoods

Research Focus

Environmental and water resources engineering, hydropower optimization and management, sustainability engineering, environmental security, and contaminant fate and transport applied to groundwater, soil, and sediment systems


Dr. LeBoeuf is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University. His research interests focus on two primary areas:
(1) Physicochemical processes of environmental systems and developing improved methods to manage and increase sources of hydro-based renewable energy. This National Science Foundation funded effort includes an integrated experimental and modeling research framework structured around four objectives: advance characterization methods to link physicochemical and macromolecular characteristics of organic matter and the fundamental nanostructure of engineered nanomaterials with their macroscopic interactions, quantify the interactions of nanomaterials and natural organic matter by conducting quartz crystal microbalance attachment/detachment experiments, quantify the influence of natural organic matter on the transport of nanomaterials in porous media, and develop and experimentally validate a mathematical model capable of simulating nanomaterial transport in porous media.
(2) The second area of interest focuses on sustainable-energy water systems, including optimization of multireservoir hydropower systems. The goal of this Department of Energy-funded research initiative is to apply state-of-the-art mathematical and modeling approaches for model reduction, linearization, and multiobjective optimization to multisystem hydropower operations that maximize energy production while minimizing environmental impacts.

He has participated in or led external technical reviews on nuclear waste remediation for the Department of Energy including a range of technology approaches to accelerate cleanup of contaminated areas in vicinity of the Columbia River at Hanford, Washington.

Professor LeBoeuf also serves as a Major General in the U.S. Army Reserve, serving as Deputy Commanding General for U.S. Army Reserve Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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