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Jamey Young

Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Director of Graduate Recruiting in Chemical Engineering

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Intellectual Neighborhoods

Research Focus

Metabolic engineering; systems biology; diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders; tumor metabolism; autotrophic metabolism; cell culture engineering

Selected Publications:

  1. C. M. Hasenour, M. L. Wall, D. E. Ridley, C. C. Hughey, F. D. James, D. H. Wasserman, J. D. Young*. Mass spectrometry-based microassay of 2H and 13C plasma glucose labeling to quantify liver metabolic fluxes in vivo. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 309:E191–203, 2015.
  2. M. L. Wall, L. D. Pound, I. Trenary, R. M. O’Brien, J. D. Young*. Novel stable isotope analyses demonstrate significant rates of glucose cycling in mouse pancreatic islets. Diabetes 64:2129–37, 2015.
  3. F. Ma, L. J. Jazmin, J. D. Young*, D. K. Allen*. Isotopically nonstationary 13C flux analysis of changes in Arabidopsis thaliana leaf metabolism due to high light acclimation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111:16967–16972, 2014.
  4. A. K. Leamy, R. A. Egnatchik, M. Shiota, P. T. Ivanova, D. S. Myers, H. A. Brown, J. D. Young*. Enhanced synthesis of saturated phospholipids is associated with ER stress and lipotoxicity in palmitate treated hepatic cells. Journal of Lipid Research 55:1478–1488, 2014.
  5. N. Templeton, A. Lewis, H. Dorai, E. A. Qian, M. P. Campbell, K. D. Smith, S. E. Lang, M. J. Betenbaugh, J. D. Young*. The impact of anti-apoptotic gene Bcl-2D expression on CHO central metabolism. Metabolic Engineering 25:92–102, 2014.
  6. R. A. Egnatchik, A. K. Leamy, D. A. Jacobson, M. Shiota, J. D. Young*. ER calcium release promotes mitochondrial dysfunction and hepatic cell lipotoxicity in response to palmitate overload. Molecular Metabolism 3:544–553, 2014.
  7. J. D. Young*. INCA: A computational platform for isotopically nonstationary metabolic flux analysis. Bioinformatics 30:1333–1335, 2014.
  8. R. A. Egnatchik, A. K. Leamy, Y. Noguchi, M. Shiota, J. D. Young*. Palmitate-induced activation of mitochondrial metabolism promotes oxidative stress and apoptosis in H4IIEC3 rat hepatocytes. Metabolism 63:283–295, 2014.
  9. N. Templeton, J. Dean, P. Reddy, J. D. Young*. Peak antibody production is associated with increased oxidative metabolism in an industrially relevant fed-batch CHO cell culture. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 110:2013–2024, 2013.
  10. T. A. Murphy, C. V. Dang, J. D. Young*. Isotopically nonstationary 13C flux analysis of Myc-induced metabolic reprogramming in B-cells. Metabolic Engineering 15:206-217, 2013.
  11. J. D. Young, A. A. Shastri, G. Stephanopoulos*, J. A. Morgan*. Mapping photoautotrophic metabolism with isotopically nonstationary 13C flux analysis. Metabolic Engineering 13:656–65, 2011.