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Kelsey Hatzell

Adjoint Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Research Focus

Our group works on printable materials and understanding electrochemistry at interfaces. We also look at solution processed material synthesis of low dimensional materials for energy storage and water desalination application. We are interested in understanding far-from equilibrium material systems and utilize a suite of x-ray and neutron technique to understand these systems.


ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellow at Berkeley Lab
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Arthur Nowick Award from Materials Research Award
Silver Graduate Student Award in the Materials Research Society

Selected Publications:

Direct observation of active material interactions in flowable electrodes using x-ray tomography. Hatzell, KB; Eller, J; Morelly, S; Tang, M; Alvarez NJ; Gogotsi, Y, FARADAY DISCUSSIONS, , , (2017) View Abstract

Suspension Electrodes for Flow-Assisted Electrochemical Systems. Hatzell, KB; Gogotsi, Y, NANOMATERIALS IN ADVANCED BATTERIES AND SUPERCAPACITORS, Springer International Publishing, , 377-416 , (2016)

Charge- and Size-Selective Ion Sieving Through Ti3C2Tx MXene Membranes. Ren, CE; Hatzell, KB; Alhabeb, M; Ling, Z; Mahmoud, KA; Gogotsi, Y, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 6, 4026-4031 , (2015) View Abstract

Effect of Oxidation of Carbon Material on Suspension Electrodes for Flow Electrode Capacitive Deionization. Hatzell, KB; Hatzell, MC; Cook, KM; Boota, M; Housel, GM; McBride, A; Kumbur, EC; Gogotsi, Y, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 49, 3040-3047 , (2015) View Abstract

Materials for suspension (semi-solid) electrodes for energy and water technologies. Hatzell, KB; Boota, M; Gogotsi, Y, CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS, 44, 8664-8687 , (2015) View Abstract