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Supil Raina

Research Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Intellectual Neighborhoods

Research Focus

Thin-film diamond and carbon nanotubes, advanced energy storage solutions using lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitors, vacuum field emission technology using diamond based emitters that are radiation hardened and temperature insensitive, sensors for bio-medical applications.


Supil Raina graduated from Indian Institute of Technology in 2001 and worked for two years at Infosys Technologies as a Software Engineer focusing on Quality Control to meet the stringent SEI-CMM Level 5 requirements in his division. He joined Vanderbilt University in 2003 to pursue graduate studies in Materials Science. His dissertation was based on developing sensitive nanodiamond based macroelectrodes and ultra-microelectrode arrays for detecting bio-analytes such as dopamine. As a graduate student, he also worked on development of rad-hardened electronic devices using nanodiamond vacuum field emitters and advanced hybrid ultracapacitors fabricated using MnO2/CNT electrodes. After graduating with a Ph.D. in 2011, he has continued his work at Vanderbilt in the area of energy storage solutions (lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors), vacuum field emission devices (diamond emitters in vertical and lateral configurations), energy conversion (diamond thermionic cathodes) and bio-sensors in his position, first, as a Post-Doc and since 2012, as a Research Assistant Professor. As of 2018, he has authored/co-authored 24 journal publications, 1 patent and has more than 50 presentations at international scientific conferences.