Procedures to Change Degree Programs

Changing from the M.Sc. to the Ph.D. program

Students who complete (or are close to completion of) the M.Sc. degree may file a petition requesting admission to the Ph.D. program. The petition should include (1) a statement of purpose for the Ph.D. degree, (2) a curriculum vitae, and (3) 3 letters of recommendation from faculty in the EECS department. The Graduate Admissions Committee will evaluate the application similarly to other applications in the Ph.D. program.

Changing from the Ph.D. to the M.Sc. program

Students, who wish to change from the Ph.D. program to the M.Sc. program, thesis or non-thesis option, are required to file a petition requesting admission to the M.Sc. program. The petition should include (1) a justification for requesting the change, (2) a curriculum vitae that highlights the student’s academic work in the Ph.D. program, and (3) a supporting letter from the student’s advisor. The application will be evaluated similarly to other applications to the M.Sc. program. Such petitions are granted only in exceptional cases such as the advisor leaving or significant professional hardship. Continuation of financial assistance is not guaranteed even if a petition is approved.