Minor in Engineering Management

The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering's Engineering Management (EngM) Program is a minor program of study designed to expose engineering students to the concepts and theories of:

  • The management of the engineering function,
  • The critical elements of technology development and innovation, and
  • The implementation of such ideas in manufacturing, engineering, and technology environments.

The EngM program is administered though the division of general engineering.

An EngM minor consists of 15 hours of course work, some of which may be taken as electives associated with the student's major program. Five courses are required: four core courses and the remaining course chosen from a list of electives.

Program Requirements

The student must take the following four courses:

  • ENGM 2210   Technology Strategy
  • ENGM 2440   Applied Behavioral Science
  • ENGM 3010   Systems Engineering
  • ENGM 3700* Program and Project Management

The student must select one of the following courses:

  • ENGM 2160   Engineering Economy
  • ENGM 3100   Accounting and Finance for Engineers
  • ENGM 3300   Technology Assessment and Forecasting
  • ENGM 3350   Organizational Behavior
  • ENGM 3600   Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
  • ENGM 3650   Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • ENGM 4500   Product Development
  • CE 4300        Reliability and Risk Case Studies
  • ENVE 4305    Enterprise Risk Management
  • ES 2900        Engineering and Public Policy

* For students majoring in engineering science, ENGM 3700 is a required course. Students majoring in civil or electrical and computer engineering may substitute CE 4400 or EECE 4950 for ENGM 3700.