Mechanical Engineering Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs Overview

The ME Graduate Program is actively recruiting new graduate students. Please complete your application online using the link below.  Based on your completed application, you may be eligible for an automatic application fee waiver.  If you do not qualify for an automatic fee waiver, you may contact the ME department to request assistance.

Mechanical Engineering

Program Highlights

Graduate Application Deadlines and Fees

Spring admission October 15
Spring admission offers December 15
Fall admission January 1
Fall admission offers March 31
Deadline to accept admission April 15

Doctor of Philosophy

The doctoral program requires 48 research hours beyond the 24 didactic hours for the master's degree. Half of these hours are taken as course work; the remaining hours represent research work for the dissertation. Students must successfully complete qualifying exams prior to candidacy for the degree. Each program is tailored to the individual student's interest, in consultation with his or her major professor, in a format specified by the department. The choices of major professor and area of specialization are left up to the student. Once the dissertation is submitted and approved, a public oral presentation and examination are held. Both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs are administered by the Graduate School.

Application fees will be waived for all Vanderbilt School of Engineering Ph.D. applications for admission in Summer/Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. Full refunds will be issued to those who already paid the fee. Also note that GRE scores are not required for these programs.

Master of Science

The requirements for the master's degree include the completion of 30 didactic semester hours or 24 didactic semester hours plus 6 hours of research. Courses are selected on an individual basis with the guidance of the student's major professor and the approval of the department.

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Director of Graduate Recruiting
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