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Division of General Engineering

Engineering Science Major

The Engineering Science Program at Vanderbilt is flexible and interdisciplinary, offering students the opportunity to pursue a unique program of study to meet special interests or objectives. The degree you will earn is a Bachelor of Science degree.

Students who choose Engineering Science recognize the growing importance of a broad-based interdisciplinary engineering background. Many students choose a program of study in Engineering Management, Communications of Science and Technology, Energy and the Environment, Public Policy or Materials Science. Sometimes students develop unique plans to study areas for which facilities and faculty competence are available but not organized within an existing degree program at Vanderbilt.

Engineering Science graduates may establish careers in engineering or science, interface with engineers (e.g. in marketing and sales), or use their analytical and problem-solving skill to build future professional careers. Individual programs have been developed for students interested in careers in engineering mathematics, financial engineering, environmental engineering and policy, transportation engineering, business administration, teaching, technical communications, and other areas requiring nontraditional combinations of engineering courses.

Students work with their faculty adviser to plan the course of study. Courses selected must follow a clear path of study; and grouped in a logical and meaningful way that attempts to achieve desired career-driven goals.